Update 01


  •  Double Jump
  •  Air Dash
  • Room Transitions
  • Stamina Bar now appears over the players head if the player is using the air dash
  • Main menu
  • Options Menu (now with three different character skins!)
  • Pause Menu

Air Dash in use:


  • Air movement is now floatier, because it was way too easy to move around previously
  • Player now sticks to wall spikes after death
  • Inputs were changed to the arrow keys, Z, and X

I deleted all the old levels, because the new movement options, such as the double jump, made most levels very, very easy to finish. I'm starting from scratch, which should be interesting, because I hate level design.

Here's a look at the levels I have so fair. (It's literally just the tutorial :P)

That's all for this update! I'll try to keep this updated as much as possible, mostly just to keep me working on the game. Thanks you for taking the time to look at this terribly formatted develop log!

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